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Buckets of love for all the mamas.

For the women who birthed us, adopted us, raised us, or took us under their wing.
For the women who gave up pleasures to give us opportunities.
For the women who tackled obstacles to clear paths, break ceilings, and open doors.
For the women who are mother-figures in our classrooms, in our neighborhoods, and in the quiet of our hearts and memories.
For the women who have stood up, shown up, and stepped up for us in our hours of need.
For the women who wipe tears and noses, who spread love and peanut butter, and who wrap us in blankets and in grace.

We thank you and celebrate you.

May we always honor and appreciate the unspoken magic of motherhood (and respect the humbling power of sisterhood), and may we strive to channel such generous, messy, beautiful love every day.

These blooms are for you.


You’re an inspiration.

We’ve named our Mother’s Day bouquets after inspiring women we know who embody motherhood in many different ways.


mother of littles

Laura is the girlfriend whose talents for compassion, tenderness, and generosity have come into full bloom in her role as a Mom. Her kids eat (and actually prefer!) healthy food, use their words earnestly and with kindness, and are genuinely becoming gentle, playful, thoughtful humans - just like their Mom.

Of course, she faces daily frustrations, family headaches, and the mess of motherhood (and womanhood), but her attitude and motivation to walk through it all with grit, gumption, and humor is a constant inspiration. The Laura in your life is a wonder mom and a loyal friend.

P.S. There are so many fierce-friend-wonder-moms in our world. This bouquet could have so many names - Haley, Erin, Ashley, Mandy, Katie, and more. Gosh, we love you all.

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Robin is the mother-in-law whose arms are always open wide. Movies like to portray mothers-in-law as overbearing, cold, or judgmental, but you know how lucky you are to have a mother-in-law who is the complete opposite: kind, generous, and welcoming.

Robin is wholeheartedly devoted to her two grown children, and she has wrapped you into her fold. While she may live a few states away, her love is near and takes the form of sweet texts, unexpected birthday packages, and enthusiastic support of your personal and professional endeavors. The Robin in your life is a cheerleader and champion.

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mother of resilience

Laurie is your aunt, sister, friend, and mother who has shown unimaginable grace, strength, and resilience in the wake of loss. Laurie’s daughter Kaylyn passed away at the age of 18 after battling leukemia. During her illness, Kaylyn dreamed of creating a summer camp for kids with cancer. Laurie, with the help of family, friends, and a devoted community, brought this dream to life through Kay’s Kamp, an oncology camp run by volunteers and offered completely free of charge to children with cancer.

Hopeful even through pain, steady in her faith, and determined as only a mother can be, Laurie shows you that loss doesn’t mean lost. She serves when called and creates goodness out of sadness (and she makes a mean chicken tetrazzini)! The Laurie in your life knows that grief needs time, grace takes hope, and motherhood shapes you through each of these.

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modern family mom

Susannah is your steadfast friend who knows that family can come in many forms, and she embraces every quirky and beautiful aspect of it! After divorce and remarriage, a family may have some “steps” and “halves” but Susannah’s multi-faceted family is her pride and joy, each part helping the others to shine and thrive.

Susannah knows that the best parts of being a mom are letting her daughter find her voice and watching her use that voice to spread joy and help others. She knows the power of self-care (thank you running club and weekly blow-out), a well-placed curse word every now and then, and a good mother-daughter show-tunes sing-along. The Susannah in your life sees her modern family as a cherished choice and knows motherhood to be her greatest friendship.

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mother as artist

Emily is your artist/boss-lady crush and the gentlest of spirits (her dreamy landscape paintings are truly cut from the same “cloth” as her sweet soul). You mainly admire her from afar on Instagram, but you had the chance to meet at her creative retreat in Spain (though it might have been a dream it was so magical).

A mother of three, Emily often shares her behind-the-scenes creative/mom life on social media: homeschooling her daughters, dancing with her son in the studio, or talking about a new collection as she swings on the hammock with her kiddos. Motherhood is entwined with her life as an artist and vice versa. The Emily in your life reminds you to grow slowly, be curious, play often, try new things, and love without a filter.

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P.S. Go check out her gorgeous paintings: https://www.emilyjeffords.com/

mother as advocate

Brieanne is your sorority sister whose son has cerebral palsy and autism. She may have a law degree, but she’ll tell you she didn’t truly learn how to advocate until she became a mom. From navigating insurance, to coordinating doctor appointments and therapies, to learning how to make endless difficult decisions surrounding her son’s health and education, she could write a book on parenting a child with disabilities.

Brie is fearless in her vulnerability and magnetic in her humor during the mess, beauty, and everyday joy of small victories and life-changing moments of motherhood. In advocating for her son, she encourages you to question prejudices (including your own) and simply be kind. The Brie in your life deserves a trophy and a glass of wine.

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motherhood as ministry

Lesli is the next-door neighbor mother of five kids (give or take a few dozen, including you) that you’ve known since your childhood. She keeps it real and keeps you honest. Her children are now nearly all grown, but she continues to approach motherhood with a deep faith, unfailing generosity, and a warm sense of humor.

Her love for her kids (and now their babies!) is equally fierce and fun, and she shares her gifts even further through her work in ministry and foster care. The Lesli in your life shows you that true motherhood isn’t defined by who you birthed but by how you love.

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adopted mom

Maria is the longtime friend of your mom, and she has taken you under her wing. This relationship has a unique flavor but proves that an age difference makes no difference in friendship. She listens deeply, shows up, and follows through. She's cooked you meals and fed you empathy.

And she trusts you with her own questions and struggles and dreams. A determined woman in her career, she's equally passionate about developing her passions and growing in new ways (um, becoming a certified yoga instructor and pursuing photography all while working full-time? #goals). Whether a friend of your mom or a mom of one of your friends, Maria is the adopted mom you love to have in your life.

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