Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate

from 25.00

Gift Certificates

Gift-giving is your love language. You know *just* the special person who will cherish our paper flowers, but you don't want to presume which bouquet recipe they'll love best. A gift certificate is your recipe for a gifting win.



  • Email to Recipient - Your recipient will receive an email with the gift card message and code.
  • Email to You - The purchaser will receive an email with a printable .pdf of the gift card.


Important Details

Gift certificates are available in $25-increments from $25 to $100.

  • Gift certificates are redeemable on purchases through our website only (not at events, pop-ups, markets).
  • Purchasing this digital gift certificate creates a unique code. The recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift certificate value from their order total.
  • If full amount is not redeemed, a balance may be carried over for future use.
  • This gift certificate is nonrefundable and never expires.
  • Sale pricing and discounts cannot be used to purchase a gift certificates. However, these discounts will apply to orders made using a gift certificate.
  • Please note that because we do not ship our blooms internationally, a gift certificate should be purchased only for a gift recipient who can redeem it using a U.S. shipping address.