Frequently Asked Questions

so you're a mother-daughter team?

That's right! Cherie (mom) lives in Marietta, GA, and Meredith (daughter) lives in Atlanta. We love working together and log a lot of cell phone minutes discussing flower business. We both create the paper flowers; Cherie heads up our Giving Initiative, and Meredith handles our marketing, website, and social media. We have a lot of fun, except when Meredith gets bossy... Wonder where she might get that from. ;) 

What kind of paper do you use?

We use crepe paper, which starts out with a scrunched up texture and can be stretched to form and sculpt flower petals. While there are several weights of crepe, we mainly use 180 gm. We purchase most of our crepe from Carte Fini, and we also use some from Paper Mart, Castle in the Air, and Lia Griffith.

How do you price your flowers?

Our hand-crafted paper flowers are generally priced by the stem.

  • Our Signature Collection stems are $16 each.
  • Semi-custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers in our collection, but in a color not listed in our collection) start at $18 each.
  • Fully custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers that are not in our collection at all) start at $20 each.

For non-bridal orders that include semi or fully custom blooms, there is a $100 minimum plus a $30 design fee. If you're interested in a semi-custom or fully custom order, contact us about what you have in mind -- we'd be delighted to work with you!


Absolutely! Paper flowers are a gorgeous and lasting option for bridal parties, and they can double as your bridesmaids' gifts! We price everything by the stem (see above). There is a $250 minimum for bridal orders, plus a $30 design fee for any orders including semi of fully custom stems. Learn more.

Can you create a paper replica of my Wedding bouquet?

Yes! This is one of our favorite kinds of custom work. We've written more about how that works here.

Do you do Oversized flowers?

Yes! We make crops of oversized stems on a limited edition basis. If we're sold out now, check back because we will create future editions. Oversized blooms on stems start at $30 each. We also offer trios of flat-backed wall flora that range in size and style. Contact us if you have questions about a custom order of oversized stems or wall flora.


Typically, we can have non-custom orders ready to ship in 2 weeks; custom order turnaround time is typically 1-2 months ( and 3+ months for bridal). When your order is complete, we carefully pack your flowers to protect them en route. Please refer to our Policies for further details on shipment and current order fulfillment times. We do not ship internationally.

do you teach workshops or sell tutorials?

We are so blessed and thankful that you guys keep us super busy! That said, we are not focusing on workshops or tutorials at this time. There are some great ones out there, so we encourage you to start playing and experimenting! 

I want to sell your blooms in my Retail shop. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

First of all, thank you for your enthusiasm and kindness! Unfortunately we do not do wholesale or consignment based sales at this time.