Bridal Options and Pricing

By the Stem

Just like all our blooms, our hand-crafted bridal bouquets are priced by the stem.

  • Our Signature Collection stems are $18 each.

  • Semi-custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers in our collection, but in a color not listed in our collection) start at $20 each.

  • Fully custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers that are not in our collection at all) start at $22 each.

Bridal Bouquet: we recommend 16-20 stems
Bridesmaid Bouquets: we recommend 12-18 stems

Our Corinne, Adelaide, Genevieve, and Natalie bridal bouquets are each 20 Signature Collection Stems ($360) and provide a starting point for developing your unique bridal bouquet. These bouquets can be ordered as-is, or we can add, subtract, or substitute stems and customize colors as available.


There is a $300 minimum for bridal orders (i.e. the sum of all paper flowers for your wedding day). Flowers for proposals, showers, anniversaries, etc. are considered separately as non-bridal orders.
An additional $30 design fee will apply to any order including semi or fully custom blooms.

Arranging and Ribbon

Flowers can be shipped as loose stems or as pre-arranged bouquets. Ribbons can also be added to pre-arranged bouquets and start at $10/bouquet for a cream satin ribbon.

That said, we are happy to provide bouquet stems "loose" so that you can add your own live greenery if you'd like. This is a great way to stretch your budget and add even more detail to your bouquet! You could arrange it yourself or work with your event florist to compose and arrange your paper flowers with live greenery.

Boutonnières and Corsages

Boutonnières start at $25 for a bloom with a leaf; we can add additional elements (berries/buds/etc.) as desired. We create these boutonnières and corsages on magnetic bases so they can be taken off/on very easily without damaging clothing (no pins).


Shipping and tax (as applicable) are additional. Estimates can be provided during the consultation process. Local pick-up can be arranged for local orders.