BIG NEWS: Tiny human on the way!

Changes are a-comin...

We are so happy to share that we are (well, Meredith is) expecting a baby girl, due in late January.

After two miscarriages, we feel incredibly blessed to have turned the corner on the first trimester of this pregnancy. Everything has looked good thus far, so we're cautiously optimistic and so excited to imagine and prepare our lives for a tiny new human.


Life is about to change... a lot. We're not crystal clear on what this will look like for every aspect our business, but we know we'll have to make some adjustments.

First adjustment: 

The "Year of Flowers" subscription program has been a true labor of love for us, and as we've evaluated our goals, priorities, and capacity to serve our customers with as much care and energy as we wish (while figuring out a brand new baby), we have decided to hold off growing the subscription program further for now.

We have committed to existing members' subscriptions through Spring of 2020, and we currently do not plan to add new subscribers beyond next Spring. What comes after that? We're not sure yet, but for now, this is the commitment we're comfortable making.

Thank you for sharing in our baby excitement, and thank you, especially, for your understanding and commitment as we navigate the adjustments ahead. Please feel free to email with any questions so we can help!


Excited Big Brother (we hope)

In other news, #Haroldthedog is quite thrilled at the idea of a baby sister (can't you tell?). Please send extra good thoughts for this grumpy old man dog. Any suggestions to help Harold with the transition?

Parting Thought

I've hesitated with if or how or when to share, as pregnancy announcements were particularly tough for me after our losses. For those whose paths to parenthood have included complications, loss, or infertility, I see you and hold you close.