7 Makers We Love

We are lucky to have met so many awesome makers, artists, and flower people at various shows and markets we’ve attended over the years. Add to that the creatives we’ve “met” through Instagram and online, and we have quite a list of makers we admire.

As flower-lovers and appreciators of handmade work, we think you’ll be pretty jazzed about them too.

Each season of our “Year of Flowers” quarterly subscription program, we give our subscribers bonus gifts from a couple makers and coupon codes to several others’ shops. Want in on the fun? Join us!

We’re so excited to share our spring roundup of favorite makers — here goes!


True Cotton


We met Arin of True Cotton at Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC a few years ago. Her floral paintings and hand-lettered quotes are filled with light and love, and she is a self-described “Paint Mixer, Truth Teller, and Joy Spiller” (we couldn’t agree more)! Her floral tea towels will be one of the special bonus treats for our subscribers this season.

IMG_0590 2.JPG

Floret Flower Farm


When we think of Floret, we think of gorgeous armfuls and truckloads of beautiful flowers! Seriously, if you want some flower eye-candy in your daily life, start following them on Instagram right now. This family-run flower farm is based in Washington and specializes in unique and heirloom flowers. We’ve included seed packets of their globe amaranth (our namesake!) as a bonus gift in the spring subscription packages!

Carleigh Courey Design

Botanical patterns and paper goods

Be still, our flower hearts! Carleigh’s style is both sophisticated and whimsical, and it’s FULL of flowers! While we love her art prints and calendars, we’re pretty sure we need to cover an entire room in her wallpaper ASAP.

Glimpse Glass

Stained glass and home decor

Stained glass flowers? Wow! This family-run business breaks the mold on traditional stained glass, with glass flowers, terrariums, and other home decor.

Huskmilk Pottery

Small-batch ceramics

We have a soft spot for vases, and fellow Atlanta-based artist Kara of Huskmilk Pottery makes beautifully textured, one-of-a-kind vases and other ceramic goods. Perfect for live or paper flowers!

Mandi Smethells Fiber Art

Imaginative fiber art

Whimsy + color = happiness for your wall! We can’t help but smile at Mandi’s rainbows, suns, and other fiber creations, and we think you will too. :)

Paint the Town by Numbers

Paint-by-number kits

We forgot how relaxing and fun paint-by-number kits can be! I got the RBG one for Christmas (LOVE the flower background), but my husband was really into it and painted the whole thing! So excited for the new Frida Kahlo design to be released!

If you like what you see, then consider joining our Year of Flowers quarterly subscription program! Each season, subscribers receive a new bouquet PLUS bonus items and discounts from makers like these!