“Year of Flowers” Fall Subscription Recap:

Deep, Moody, and Cozy for Fall

We seem to always find ourselves in production mode for fall subscriptions when it feels like summer will never end. But we channelled all our cool, crisp fall vibes with this season’s Year of Flowers fall bouquets. The color palette was “moody tones,” and we fully embraced the deep burgundies, muted purples, and soft peaches that come with this beautiful season. Here’s a look at this fun batch of subscription bouquets.


A Recipe for Fall

We offer both small and large subscription bouquets, and the large bouquet recipe always includes one exclusive stem not available in any of our other collections. This quarter we decided on a soft purple alstroemeria cluster. Often an overlooked stem found in grocery store bouquets, alstroemeria (we think) is truly an underappreciated beauty. Especially when studied on its own, this flower has such a graceful form and sweet flecked spotting. We were excited to capture these details in our paper version, which we hand-colored with ink pen on each petal.

The small bouquet recipe included a burgundy peony, a dusty purple and plum colored sweet pea, peach carnation, and a two-toned ruscus stem. The large bouquets include the same, plus a peach rose, tan berries, and the plum alstroemeria. We arranged the bouquets in gray ceramic vase with a partially dipped blue-gray glaze.


Our paper alstroemeria interpretation.

Inspiration photo of live alstroemeria.


Bonus Gifts

We’re so excited for our subscribers to enjoy the fall bonus gifts! First up were “Pemberley Park” soy candle tins from Hearth and Hammer. We love that all their candles are literary themed, and this floral-scented one was named after Mr. Darcy’s estate in Pride and Prejudice.

The second bonus gift was an illustrated bookmark from Little Things Studio. Each has a different pattern and inspirational quote on the back.

To keep this reading theme going, we decided that a cup of tea was the perfect finishing touch for cozying up with a good book. So, we added some tea satchels from FIrepot Nomadic Teas.

Our subscribers have also received special discount codes for our shop as well as those of makers we love! This season’s partners include:

If you’re a subscriber, you can access your exclusive discounts on this special access page (we emailed you the password).


“Year of Flowers” subscription program is full!

Typically, we open the joining window to new subscribers before each new season. We are currently at capacity and will not taking on new members this season. Meredith is expecting her first baby in late January, so we anticipate slowing down the subscription program, especially during the time when she’ll be on maternity leave. We are committed to subscriptions with our existing subscribers through Spring of 2020 and will decide then if we will reopen subscriptions or wind the program down at that time.