“Year of Flowers” Summer Subscription Recap:

Bright, bold, and full of personality!

Production for summer subscriptions comes right on the heels of Mother’s Day, so we feel like we’ve been making flowers nonstop pretty much forever at this point. BUT it was totally worth it because we are so pleased with how the summer “Year of Flowers” bouquets turned out! Now that these summer lovelies have shipped, we feel like we can officially begin enjoying summertime (ok, just kidding, we’re diving into wedding/anniversary season, but more on that another time).

The summer color palette was “bright and bold,” and these fun and sassy bouquets live up to that description! When we shared some of these photos on Instagram, one of our followers commented that it was a “riot of color,” and we just love that description! Hope y’all love these as much as we do.


A Recipe for Spring

We offer both small and large subscription bouquets, and the large bouquet recipe always includes one exclusive stem not available in any of our other collections. We experimented with several ideas this season, and when we finally tried a “pink jolt” dianthus, we knew we had a winner! The little jagged edges of the petals were really fun to figure out (hint: we ended up using pinking shears, cutting and recutting to get the small, irregular edge), and we used a red ink felt marker to hand-color the red rings on each bloom.

The small bouquet recipe includes a gold dahlia, tomato red cosmos, orange/coral pink snapdragon, and variegated leaves. The large bouquets include the same, plus a coral pink ranunculus, pink freesia, and the exclusive pink jolt dianthus. We arranged the bouquets in a brass vase with a patina finish.


Our paper “pink jolt” dianthus interpretation.

Inspiration photo of live “pink jolt”


Bonus Gifts

We’re so excited for our subscribers to enjoy this season’s bonus gifts! First up are ice-dyed mesh market totes from Black Sheep Goods. If you aren’t familiar with ice-dying, definitely check out Black Sheep’s work. Ashley often posts process videos in her Instagram stories so you can see how she does it. Her woven work is also pretty spectacular!

The second bonus gift is a packet of vinyl flower stickers from Florals for Freedom. Yandi is such a joy to work with, and all her floral paintings are so delightful. We selected a cosmos, zinnia, and sunflower for our sticker packets.

Our subscribers have also received special discount codes for our shop as well as those of makers we love! This season’s partners include:

If you’re a subscriber, you can access your exclusive discounts on this special access page (we emailed you the password).


Interested in a “Year of Flowers” subscription?

This could be your year of flowers! The joining window will open again August 1-15, and fall subscriptions will ship out the first week in September. Learn more.