The Language of Flowers

Did you know that blooms hold symbolic meanings? In the language of flowers, blooms and colors express emotions and meanings. Floriography has been around for centuries, and this coded flower language became especially popular in the Victorian era, when it was all the rage to send bouquets with secret — even devious — messages for the recipient.

Today we may not take flower meanings *quite* as literally, but we have no doubt that flowers do more than “look pretty” in a vase. Flowers celebrate, encourage, and congratulate. They comfort, cheer up, and cheer on. They express love, gratitude, sympathy, and hope.

With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to share the symbolic meanings of some of our favorite paper flowers! So, we’re starting a new series in which we’ll highlight a particular flower from our Signature Collection. First up: snapdragons!

SNAPDRAGON: what’s in a name?

First, can we talk about their name? When you pinch the petals, the blooms are said to resemble the face of a dragon. Points for personality! Our design is a loose interpretation of the live blooms (no fierce dragon faces here), but we do pinch our layered petals to create the form as we construct these stems!

Symbols of Strength

Snapdragons often grow in rocky landscapes not often fruitful for other plant life. They’re highly resistant and can thrive in sun or shade, even growing in cold weather. Perhaps for these reasons, snapdragons have come to symbolize strength.

Whether you’re giving flowers to a loved one fighting an illness or striving towards a difficult goal, these blooms can pay tribute to someone’s tenacity, perseverance, and resilience.


Amazing Grace

Snapdragons also symbolize grace and virtue. Their stalk-shaped stems stand up straight to the sky as though they carry themselves with excellent posture, poise, and confidence. They are a fitting blooms to give someone you respect and admire, particularly for their grace in difficult situations.

Girl Power

Given these meanings of strength, resilience, and grace under pressure, perhaps these blooms should be the flower-face of all things GIRL POWER (#aweSNAPdragon). We can think of plenty of women in our lives who embody these qualities on a daily basis. For those girl bosses, wonder moms, and star scholars out there who are fighting the good fight, we think a bouquet featuring snapdragons is a perfect way to cheer them on and show them how much you admire their grit and grace.

From Our Collection

These snappy bouquets from our Signature Collection each feature one of our snapdragon stems:

Or, your can always pick out your own bouquet recipe and include as many snapdragons as you’d like with our Build Your Own Bouquet option!

Interested in learning the meaning behind another bloom from our Signature Collection? Leave us a comment and let us know which flower you’d like to see us feature next!