Who’s Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being romantic and sweet. While roses and chocolates are lovely, we can’t help but feel like this holiday is meant for so much more.

With a business centered on flowers and a mission to spread lively color and share lasting joy, we enjoy the unique (and really awesome) position of witnessing people love on others for the big things, the little things, and everything in between.

One of our favorite parts of the Valentine’s season (and yes, when you run a flower business, Valentine’s is more than just a day; it’s a season… a very busy season) is celebrating love in all its forms.

Spoiler alert:

V-day is not just for boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses. We believe that Valentine’s Day actually celebrates all the different kinds of love in your life -- the people who build you up, have your back, fill you with light, and help you be your best self.

So, we wonder: who’s YOUR Valentine?

Maybe it’s…

Your best friend since fourth grade, who can basically read your mind.

Your mom, who comforts, inspires, protects, and knows you.

Your daughter, who is becoming you in the most awesome (and also slightly terrifying) ways.

Your spouse, who sometimes can’t find the bread in the pantry (#manlooking) but who selflessly gets you snacks without you even asking.

Your sister, who knows just when to show up with adult beverages.

Your neighbor, who borrows a baking dish and returns it with some surprise rice krispie treats.

Your cleaning lady, who may or may not have saved your marriage.

Your coworker, who leaves little chocolates on your desk and reminds you to drink water.

Your girlfriend, who is equally on board for morning workouts or breakfast dates. #balance

Your dog, who will come running from the other room if he hears you crying so he can stand on your chest and lick tears off your face.

Your mom’s friend, who is like an adopted aunt and feeds you, listens to you, and trusts you with her own questions and struggles.

Your grandma, who has mastered a perfect balance of tenderness and sass in her compliments and complaints.

Your boss, who appreciates you, believes in your ideas, and supports your growth.

Your child’s teacher, whose compliment on her artwork sent your kiddo soaring.

Yourself, because dang it, you’re pretty special.

Our Valentine’s bouquets are inspired by the love we all hold for friends, family, mentors, and neighbors, and in them, we hope you'll recognize your own girlfriends, sisters, and yourselves.

Sure, love is sweet and tender, but here's to the love that is empathetic, authentic, and powerful.

Just like you.

We’d love to hear from you! Comment below and tell us, who’s YOUR Valentine?

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