Anniversary Bouquet

A custom creation to celebrate a blooming marriage


Whether you're celebrating your 1st anniversary (the "paper anniversary") or your 20th, surprising your spouse or treating yourself to something special, we would be delighted to create a special paper version of your wedding bouquet.



Step 1

Email us some photos of your bouquet, plus your budget range and timeline.


Step 2

We write up a bouquet recipe proposal, and then you can place the order. We get to work.


Step 3

Your finished bouquet will make the best anniversary gift ever, and you become spouse of the year.

We hear you:

You need a special bouquet for a perfect gift.

"My wife and I are celebrating our first anniversary - the paper anniversary! And I want to surprise her with a paper flower version of her amazing wedding bouquet."

"My bouquet was thrown away after the wedding, and I'm still so sad about it. Can you recreate it from this photo?"


"We didn't know about paper flowers when we got married, and we'd love to have you recreate our bouquet for our upcoming anniversary."

"I didn't think to preserve my bouquet after the wedding, but this is an even better alternative!"


What's the process?

First, send us an email with photos of your wedding bouquet as well as your budget, timeline, and shipping location (zip code). Close-up shots are especially helpful! We'll see what might be possible and write up a bouquet recipe proposal for you. Then we finalize all the details together, and we'll create a reserved custom listing for your bouquet. Once the order is placed, we'll get to work! When it's completed, we'll ship via USPS Priority Mail and provide tracking info at that time.


Will it be an exact replica?

Typically, no. Our work is most definitely a creative paper interpretation, closely inspired by the original but not photo-realistic or a stem-for-stem copy. That said, we aim to capture your blooms as closely as possible  -- a nod to the original bouquet  -- given the material and budgetary parameters. We take great pride in our work, and we won't stop until we're happy with your blooms (i.e., we're very picky)! ;)


How is it priced?

Like all our bouquets, these are priced by the stem.

  • Our Signature Collection stems are $18 each.

  • Semi-custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers in our collection, but in a color not listed in our collection) start at $20 each.

  • Fully custom blooms (i.e. types of flowers that are not in our collection at all) start at $22 each.

For orders that include semi or fully custom blooms (as most Anniversary Bouquets do), there is a $150 stem minimum plus a $30 design fee, and shipping. Shipping can be quoted once we know more details about the scale and destination for the Anniversary Bouquet. Please note that the $150 stem minimum on custom stems, depending on the blooms, is usually a small 5-7-stem bouquet. We do recommend a larger budget for this type of project.

We typically find that a $300-400 budget allows us to best capture the essence of the original bouquet. Knowing your budget up front will allow us to back into the number of stems and develop a custom bouquet recipe for you.

Please refer to our policies for additional details. 


How long does it take?

We typically need 1-3 months lead time to develop the bouquet recipe with you and create your bouquet.

 If you need a bouquet sooner or are working with a smaller budget, we'd suggest our Build-Your-Own Bouquet options where you can select stems from our Signature Collection for your own personalized combination. These bouquets range from 3-6 stems and can be completed and shipped in 2 weeks.